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We offer individualized care for children of all ages. From infant to grade school, you can trust that your child will receive the best care possible.

Nursery and Infant

Nursery & Infant

We make the transition into a daycare nursery smooth for you and your baby. We will quickly learn his or her needs and preferences. Your baby will love it here!

Meals & Feedings

  • Bottle-fed babies are held and rocked by our staff while promoting language with mimicking sound.
  • Infants are encouraged to grasp their own bottle once they reach this milestone. Our staff never props a bottle for feedings.
  • The infants’ hands and face are washed before and after meals and snacks.
  • Family is required to complete and update an infant feeding plan. This plan ensures our staff completely understands your child’s specific diet and meal times.
Meals and Feeding
Brain Development

Brain Development

  • At LCDC learning is more than ABC’s and 1,2,3’s. It’s recognizing the spelling of their name, playing and sharing with peers, and following simple directions.
  • ​We offer age appropriate learning centers that change daily, with a new theme every month.
  • ​Teachers interact with your toddler during play time to show interest while they are learning pretend play, reasoning skills, and problem solving.
  • ​Naps are important. Padded mats are provided with a quiet space to encourage restful sleep.

Social & Emotional Development

  • Teaching your child critical social development starts with the attitude of the LCDC staff. We greet you at the door with a smile and a “Good morning!” Then, we build on the positive interaction throughout the day.
  • As teachers and other students engage with your toddler, he or she is learning the basics of being a good friend, to take turns speaking, and begin to identify boundaries.
  • We have a dedicated toddler outdoor play area for age appropriate fun.
  • We foster kindness, a place where toddlers feel comfortable expressing affection and other emotions.
Social and Emotional Development
Communication and Language

Communication & Language

  • Toddlers sing and dance – learning rhyming and pre-reading skills, while developing vocabulary.
  • ​We want to help your toddler develop a love for books and kickstart their imagination.
  • ​Through storytelling and mimicking teachers, toddlers learn to speak in full sentences.
  • ​At LCDC we speak with kind words and use positive, encouraging voices. Children learn by example.